Rapid PDF Count


Count the number of words and pages in a PDF


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Rapid PDF Count is a program that can be super useful for those who accumulate lots of PDF documents but then have trouble finding the one they're looking for. This application shows the number of pages and words on a PDF document. Just drag the folders to the application, and it automatically goes into the list of documents to analyze.

By default, Rapid PDF Count shows the filepath and date of creation for each document, and from the Options menu you can set it up to show the number of pages and words also. In addition, it can tell you the number of blank pages in a document, as well as the number of words per page.

Although it's not exactly a search tool, Rapid PDF Count can help you find a PDF document, as long as you remember its approximate date of creation, or have an idea of how long it is.

Trial version supports up to five files.

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